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The top selling watch of all time under the Naviforce line is the Naviforce 9024 Automatic. Also regarded as, perhaps, the best watch you can buy for it’s price point. Constantly compared to the other high quality watches it does not disappoint! There are not many other watches that have an automatic movement and look like a watch that costs 10 times as much.

naviforce 9024 wtach review

Naviforce 9024 watch review

Rumors started to swirl that Naviforce was planning on improving upon the classic 9050 model. It wasn’t long before Naviforce introduced the  9049 model. And they did not disappoint with the improvements. It now employs the automatic movement, solid stainless surgical grade steel and solid end links.

There are many models to choose from: stainless steel, leather and other traps. Each model is made available with solid case which is a feature found on the other geniune watches. The Naviforce 9024 remain one of the best selling watch model.

Naviforce 9024 watch Improvements

A big improvement made on this watch is the LED display, used for increasing the size of the date for the purpose of making it more legible. As many people are aware, the date displays is not very strong. In the  9024 model the date is displayed much better, making it much easier to view at a glance. Another major improvement is the Tachymeter function. The durable material is a big deal because although not indestructible, it is virtually scratch proof replica watches, which, if you bang your watch around a lot, is something that can be quickly appreciated. Most of the other  watch  brand models in the, and a lot of lower end watches in general, use a lower quality material, which can be scratched rather easily.

The stainless steel bracelet is outstanding. It has beefy links, with a thickness of 14 mm, which just cry out that this is a serious watch. The endlinks are solid stainless steel material.  Appearance-wise, the bracelet has polished outer and inner links(i think). Some people don’t like the polished inner link all that much as it gives it the bling-bling look. You either love it or hate it.

Some people will say that the Naviforce 9024 is a clone of the other military style watches, and in some ways it is true. But, then again, how many other watch makers are out there that also do the same. As long as Naviforceoe isn’t slap the other big brand names on the watch, what you’re getting is an automatic, solid,  well-made watch for under $40. The low price point signifies that it is not a perfect watch.  The watch will run perfectly when you initially get it. But, how will it be 5 years down the line. Overall, the positive features of this watch dwarf the very few negatives.

The price for the Original model is $36.15 and you can purchase from our store.

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